Application Administrator Area

Administrators of the UDL Curriculum Toolkit can log into the Administrator Area of the application. In this area, administrators can:

  • Create and edit users
  • Create and edit sites
  • Check database statistics
  • Check cache management
  • Check for open login sessions
  • Perform inspections through the Wicket Inspection Page
  • Access the event log

Create and Edit Users

Individual users are listed and can be sorted a variety of ways including first, last and username as well as by role. Each user can be individually edited. When a user is edited, summary information such as the last login time for that user and the total number of times that user has logged in is available.

There are four different roles: Student, Teacher, Researcher and Administrator. Teachers can view data for the Students in their associated classes. Similarly, Researchers can also view data for their associated classes. Researchers can also view summary event information that may be needed for analytic purposes. Administrators do not see user specific user data. However, Administrators have permission to create and upload users to the system as well as other functions described on this page.

Users are added by type. The types of users are student, teacher, researcher and admin. The user must have at least one period selected.

Create and Edit Sites

Sites are groupings of classes. They may be a physical location or a logical grouping. Each site should have at least one period or class. Sites are edited by clicking the site name. When a site is edited, the site information can be changed, periods can be added or updated, as well as users can be uploaded. A sample file (defaultUserFile.csv) is available to download from the github site:

Editing a period or class will enable a view of all of the students and teachers associated with this period or class.

Check Database Statistics

Entering this page turns on statistics collections for the database. Database statistics can then be viewed from this page. It is recommended that statistics collection be turned off for best performance.

Check Cache Management

Inspections of Cache Management can be viewed on this page. Statistics include hits and misses as well as which data objects and how many are cached.

Perform Inspections

Inspections can only be performed when the application is running in debug mode.

Access the Event Log

The event log is accessible to both administrators as well as researchers. Event data may be retrieved for research purposes. Events are listed and can be sorted in a variety of ways including event id, date, user as well as event type. Events can also be filtered to display only specific types, for specific date ranges or for specific sites only. Event listings can be downloaded in a comma separated format to be used in other applications.