Documentation and Downloads

The UDL Curriculum Toolkit is an evolving set of open-source software. You should consider it to be a starting point for building your own web site appropriate for the curriculum you want to present or the research you are doing. We encourage your collaboration in incorporating enhancements and new features, and letting us know about problems or bugs that you encounter.

These pages will lead you through the process of downloading the application, creating or converting your content into the appropriate XML format, and customizing the interface and functionality of the application.


  • The software is a Java-based web application. Though it can run on a laptop for development/demonstration purposes, in order to show your site to others you will need a web server machine with a recent version of Java installed and a servlet container such as Tomcat.
  • A database is required for data storage.
  • Your content must be in the appropriate XML format, valid and marked up to activate the various features of the application.
  • The application is written to be highly customizable, both in graphic design and in its functions. However, to do more than the most basic customization you will need a familiarity with HTML, CSS and/or Java programming.