Student Features & Guidelines

The UDL Curriculum Toolkit contains numerous features to support students in the learning process and to enhance all students’ learning experiences. These features include providing a) multiple ways for content to be represented, b) various multi-media options through which students can express what they learn, and c) a dynamic environment designed to accommodate diverse learning engagement proclivities. In particular, Highlights and Big Ideas features help students identify core concepts as they read; Get Started and Check My Work features assist students in thinking about and responding to questions embedded in the curriculum; and Notebook, My Notes, My Questions, and My Tags features help students organize their thoughts, develop understandings, and create original questions. In addition, students can share ideas with one another via an interactive Whiteboard, can obtain rapid feedback from teachers when utilizing the Multimedia Response Areas, and can even provide feedback to teachers with a Rate It feature.

The Guidelines provide information about each Toolkit feature, with guidance on how each feature facilitates a student’s scientific inquiry process, and its relationship to the UDL Guidelines and individual checkpoints. The guidelines provide information on features designed for students and teachers, as well as information for authoring with XML Mind. In addition, a brief video example of each feature as instantiated in one of two curricula (see IQWST and Foundation Science Projects) is presented.

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